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Reserve Series
12 Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 10 Meritage Reserve Riesling

12 Reserve Vignoles

2012 Res. Sauv Blanc 2010 Reserve Meritage 2012 Reserve Riesling 2012 Reserve Vignoles

Classic Sauvignon Blanc characteristics of gooseberries and tropical fruit with a subtle grassy note. Sweet fruit up front builds to a rich mid palate with a good measure of heat on the finish. This is a bold example from a remarkable vintage. Dry.

750 ml - $16.95

A bold nose of dried cherries, and graphite encircled by sweet smoke and molasses. An oaked profile reminiscent of bourbon with aromas of vanilla and caramelized brown sugar. Soft tannins build on the palate and linger with persistence. A truly
treasured wine from a remarkable vintage. Dry.

750 ml - $19.95

A concentrated core of citrus, quince and green apple.
A subtle backdrop of green tea, amplified by chalky mineral undertones. Focused acidity with tremendous depth. A truly terroir driven wine. Dry.

750 ml - $16.95

Aromas of fresh white peaches drizzled in honey. Delicate floral and grassy notes pair with an undercurrent of fresh pineapple. A strong structure of acidity frames the backbone craving the attention of food. Dry.

750 ml - $14.95

12 Chardonnay 12 traminette 12 Vignoles

12 Riesling

2012 Chardonnay 2012 Traminette 2012 Vignoles 2012 Riesling

Dense aromas of carnations and banana with a subtle underscore of pineapple. A rich structured palate with acidity vibrant enough to pair with a broad range of cuisine. Dry.

750 ml - $14.95

Pronounced aromatics of Lychee candies and green apple, underscored by subtle spice. A rich mid-palate leads to a beautifully crisp and vibrant finish. The subtle honeyed texture and elegant aromatics are elevated by the use of Icewine
for sweetening back this unique wine. Dry.

750 ml - $14.95

A fruit medley with a savory punch. Aromas of pineapple, peach, and raw honey. Deliciously rich and tropical with bright confectionary notes. A sweet and succulent burst of flavor with an invigorating finish. A true hedonistic treasure.
Medium Dry.

750 ml - $12.95

Perfectly suited for the climate and soil structure of the Niagara Region, Riesling has quickly become our signature grape. Our cooler climate retains the grapes’ natural acidity and the structure of our soils allows us to produce wines with noticeable vitality. This Riesling strikes a balance between sweetness and acidity, offering great drinkability while being able to stand up to a broad range of cuisine. Dry.

750 ml - $14.95

12 Chambourcin Red Oakes 11 Cabernet Franc 11 Frontenac
2012 Chambourcin 2010 Red Oakes 2011 Cabernet Franc 2011 Frontenac

Bright aromas of cherry and cranberry stand
out in this light bodied, easy to drink, dry red. The fruit forward
and lively nature of this wine make it a great partner to a
broad range of cuisine. Dry.

750 ml - $12.95


Where the Old World meets new. Black peper and violets converge with smoke and leather. Ripe plums and cassis meld into sweet oak and soft tannin. Bold and intriguing, this wine commands an interest while remainng invitingly drinkable. Dry.

750 ml - $12.95

Inviting notes of cherry licorice and sweet vanilla coalesce with smoke and spice and graphite.
A palate of soft fruit and structured tannins are showcased in this legendary variety. Dry.

750 ml - $14.95

Intense fruit characteristics of blackberry, cherry and plum. Complexly layered notes of vanilla, sweet spice and smoky
oak. A velvety smooth texture with a vibrant finish. Primal
appeal with an elegant attitude. Dry.

750 ml - $12.95

Fruit and Sparkling
Fruity Wine 09 Fuji 09 Cerise


  Fuji Apple Cerise Steampunk

What is the ideal temperature for Sparkling wine?

Sparkling wine is best served thoroughly chilled. Refrigerate several hours or the night before serving.


Hand harvested Fuji apples, selected for their natural sweetness and crisp acidity. Gentle handling and careful attention to detail, ensures a bold apple taste with elegant vitality. Residual Sugar: 3.5%

750 ml - $12.95

Bursting with pure cherry aroma, our carbonated cherry cidre is a low alcohol sparkler that is sure to please. Made from 100% Montmorency cherries, our cherry cidre has poignant, sweet-tart flavor that envelopes your tongue and doesn't let go! Residual Sugar: 10%

750 ml - $10.95

Using a melange of traditional bitter sweet apples and new age dessert apples (fuji and braeburn), SteamPunk Cider is a geared up infusion of old world style with new world flare.

750 ml - $10.95

09 Escape Blanc 09 Escape Rose 09 Escape Noir Escape Closeup
Escape Blanc Escape Rose Escape Noir Escape Series

Refreshing floral and citrus aromas. Sweet and tart. Escape from mediocrity!

Medium Sweet to Sweet.

750 ml - $9.95

Rose petals, tart cherry and pink lemonade. Escpape from reality!


750 ml - $9.95

Brilliant cranberry, cherry and spice. Sweet with delicate tannins. Escape from the ordinary!

Medium Sweet.

750 ml - $9.95


Port Style
09 Tesouro Branco 09 Vinho Tesouro

Vinho Closeup

  Tesouro Branco Vinho Tesouro  


Strong aromas of peach, apple and allspice. Velvety rich with sweet caramel notes and soothing heat. An elegant sweet finish to any meal or any occasion.

500 ml - $14.95

Strawberry and cherry aromas couple with buttery rich brown sugar and vanilla notes. Sweet spice falls into a lavishly smooth texture with delicate tannins. Elegantly layered character with subtle heat and a lingering finish.

500 ml - $17.95


Icewine and Late Harvest
Late Harvest 11 late harvest 11 icewine

Icewine glass

  2011 Late Harvest 2011 Icewine  


Derived from the second pressing of our Icewine grapes we get a late harvest unlike any other. Enjoy this dessert wine with the concentrated character of Icewine only half as sweet. Aromas of apricot preserves and raw honey meld with notes of raisin and caramel apple on the finish. Brix at harvest: 28.25 Residual Sugar: 8%

375 ml - $19.95

Bright aromas of apricot, raw honey and peaches and cream. Delicate undertones of raisin, pear and butterscotch candy. Viscous and sweet with an elegant frame of acidity to maintain balance. Brix at harvest: 36 Residual Sugar: 18.6%

375 ml - $49.95


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